Digital Storm debuts Marauder line of high-performance gaming PCs

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For gamers who want more power and smoothness for their gameplays, Digital Storm now bring you their new line of gaming PCs, known as the Marauder. The Marauder line of gaming PCs offer you the power you need in affordable price tags.

The Digital Storm Marauder Line of gaming PCs is the first of its kind built around Corsair’s Vengeance C70 chassis. A complete system of the Marauder starts at a base price of $799 only and it’s the first in the company’s lines offered at such a price point.

The Marauder line is offered in four models based on different processor configurations, including AMD FX-4100, AMD-FX8120 and Intel Core i5 2500K. The specs and the price of each model at a glance is shown below. More info can be found on DigitalStorm website.

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