Meizu outs quad-core MX – world’s first smartphone powered by quad-core Exynos chip

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Meizu is ahead of any other smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, having rolled out the world’s first quad-core Exynos chip-powered smartphone, known as the Meizu MX. The Meizu MX is an Android smartphone which shows close resemblance to the Apple iPhone. And it’s powered by the Cortex-A9-based 32nm HKMG (High-K Metal Gate) quad core Samsung Exynos chip.

Meizu has not yet unveiled what model of the quad-core CPU that the MX is using. But it’s said that the CPU is capable of saving up to 20 percent of energy when operating and the handset will be equipped with a 1,700 mAH battery.

The base model of the Meizu MX packs a 32GB of on-board storage but isn’t upgradable via microSD card slot. Thus, the base model will be priced cheaper to cover the short fall. A 32GB model of the quad-core MX will be priced at the same with a 16GB dual-core MX.

The quad-core Meizu MX will hit the store in China and Hong Kong for an unsubsidized price of US$480 and US$400 respectively.

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