In just a week, Instagram grabs another 10 million new users

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You should have heard of that Facebook purchased Instagram for USD $1 billion. And the Facebook purchase managed to draw another 10 million users for Instagram in just a week, which was reportedly having 30 million users before the purchase.

The huge price paid by Facebook successfully drew many attentions, with curiosity wanting to explore more what Instagram is all about. And some more, the release of the Android version of Instagram managed to grab more users for the photo-sharing service as well.

The first day of launch of the Instagram for Android already grabbed 1 million new users. The Google Play page of the Instagram for Android now shows it’s got five to ten million of installs.

The increase of 10 million users in just 7 days is definitely a big leap for Instagram while compared to it took over 18 months to reach the 30 million users.

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