Fusion-IO outs ioFX PCIe SSD card, costs only $2,500 for 420GB

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Entertainment industry which needs lots of rendering power will always need high-performance storage. Here comes the newly released PCIe based SSD card, which is known as the ioFX and specially made by FusionIO to target the entertainment industry and enterprises who need high-speed storage.

The Fusion-IO ioFX SSD is relatively cheaper than other solutions that offer the same performance. A 420GB of the ioFX costs only $2,495, offering super high speeds of reading and writing data at up to 1.4GB/s and 700MB/s respectively.

The ioFX SSD card is available only in one size – the 420GB. The latency is low to ensure fast access to stored data that usually requires 68ms for reads and 15ms for writes. And of course, the ioFX is equipped with cooling fan to keep it cool. It’s compatible with OSes such as Windows, Linux and Mac OS and comes with a year of support.

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