LIL KIKR – a sleek and compact charging dock and amplifier for your iPhone and iPod

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LIL KIKR is a premium charging dock for the iPhone/iPod, which has been created by Mike and Ellie Kemery – industrial designer and experienced design strategist for various popular brands. The dock is able to charge your iPhone or iPod and give it an amplification of sound up to 10 db. This charging dock comes in a clean design, and is made from premium aircraft grade aluminum and steel.

The LIL KIKR charging dock suits various models of iPhone and iPod including iPhone 3G/3GS, iPhone 4/4S, iPod nano 3g, iPod 6g and iPod Touch. The dock has non-slip rubber caps on the back and bottom of the dock, ensuring your iPhone or iPod to stay stable and firmed while it’s docked.

There will be two models of the LIL KIKR dock available which are LIL KIKR and LIL KIKR+. The former is meant for iPhone 4 or 4S without a case, while the latter is deemed more versatile, fitting the latest generation of iPhone and iPod with or without a case. Both models are available in three colors – red, black or silver.

The KIKR charging dock is expected to be available sometime in June 2012. It’s currently at its stage of raising fund on Kickstarter.

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