Allerta Pebble e-paper smart watch for your iPhone and Android

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Allerta has created the Pebble smart watch which is the first Bluetooth watch that offers both iOS and Android compatibility. The Pebble smart watch is equipped with a 1.26-inch 144×168-pixel black and white e-Paper display. And it features Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, four buttons, a vibrating motor and three-axis accelerometer.

The Pebble watch is able to pair with your iPhone and Android phone via Bluetooth, allowing you to receive calls, emails and message notification right on your wrist. The watch also supports downloadable watch faces and watch apps, including apps for you to control music, monitor your cycling, running and golfing (e.g. a Gold rangefinder) etc. The watch is capable of running several watch apps simultaneously. Watch apps can be installed over Bluetooth using the Pebble iOS or Android app and developed using the Pebble SDK.

Check out the Pebble watch’s Kickstarter page now. If you place your pledge now, it costs only $99 but will be back to its original price of $149 when it hits the shelves later this year.

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