Tangram Smart Dot turns your iPhone into a laser pointer

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iPhone users will definitely wish to have their iPhones to work as all kinds of useful tools in their daily life. Here comes the Smart Dot by Tangram which is able to turn your iPhone into a laser pointer which will be useful for you who needs to make lots of presentations on the go.

The Smart Dot simply attaches to the 3.5mm headphone jack of your iPhone and pairs with the accompanying iOS app and turns your iPhone into a laser pointer.

It also doubles up as an on-screen trackpad, allowing you to use your iPhone to control the mouse pointer on your computer, clicking and swiping through your presentation slides.

There are some other ways of making use of the Smart Dot and your iPhone, you’ll surely find more innovative uses of the Tangram Smart Dot. It comes included with an lanyard and it’s claimed to work as a stylus for your iPad or iPhone. Slated to release later this month. More info is available on Tangram website.

via ubergizmo

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