Put your head on this personalized superhero action figure

There are a number of iOS games allowing you to stick your own picture, especially your head to the game characters. For example the You Jump is simply like a personalized Doodle Jump, allowing you to attach your own picture to the game character.

This trend has now been extended to action figures – a superhero figurine spotted on Firebox, allowing you to put your head on it.

When you order the personalized superhero figurine from Firebox, all you have to do is send them two of your fairly high-res pictures and they’ll send you a superhero figure with a 3D printed plastic head that’s made to look just like you.

There are a number of superheros or superheroines to choose from including Batgirl, Batman, Superman, The Joker, and Wonder Woman. But the price isn’t cheap, setting you back at $125 each.

via ohgizmo

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