VooMote Zapper iOS universal remote control lets you share your configs and experience via Apple’s iCloud

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The VooMate Zapper is a tiny dongle that turns your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into a universal remote control virtually for all A/V gears. If you’re a user of the VooMote Zapper, now you’ll find it more convenient as the VooMote Zapper app has been officially made compatible with the Apple’s iCould – offering you the ability to share all your remote configs for all electronics in your home, across many iOS devices that you have.

The attached picture above shall clearly illustrate how Voomote Zapper iOS remote allows you to share the remote control’s configs and your watching experience across your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Just a recap for what the VooMote Zapper does – it comes in the form of a tiny dongle in the size of a paperclip, offers maximum convenience and pocket-ability and plugs into the 30-pin connector with ease. Once coupled with the free Voomote iOS app, your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch will become a universal remote control for all your home AV gears. The Voomote Zapper dongle itself costs only $70 and can be purchased from Apple store.

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