OneSense Headphones keep you totally immersed in music, with spikes to keep onlookers away

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OneSense Headphones have been designed to keep you fully immersed in music. They cover your eyes and isolate you from outside world, so you can have your ears fully focus on your music.

There are spikes on these headphones which are meant to tell onlookers to leave you alone. But the striking red color of these headphones might make onlookers more curious, wanting for a touch despite they have spikes.

“One Sense not only obscures environmental sight and sound from encroaching on the wearer, but utilises the color red and a display of spikes, drawn from nature‚Äôs symbols for warning and defence, to alert others not to intrude.”

Apparently, OneSense Headphones can only be used when you have slots of time dedicated to your music only. You can’t wear these headphones while you have other tasks going on. The headphones will be on display at MeetMyProject in Milan from April 17th to the 21st, 2012. No indication whether they’ll be available as a commercial product.

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