Ubi-Camera lets you frame shots with your fingers

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Finger frame camera will soon become reality, allowing you to simply form an L square with your hands and take pictures more easily and quickly while on the go. Researchers at Japan’s Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences are working on a prototype of the said finger frame camera, which is known as Ubi-Camera.

The Ubi-camera fits over an index finger. On one side, there are camera sensor and lens and on the other is an IR range finder. Currently, the Ubi-camera is still far from any sort of commercial product, but the researchers have made some interesting progress.

The Ubi-camera is super handy and easy for you to take pictures, adjusting the focal point needs you to move your fingers away or towards your face: nearer to your face for wide-angle shots or further away for close-ups. And a press of a button takes the shot!

Currently, the prototype is still far from perfect such as the range finder is out of balance under certain lighting conditions and there is no zoom. A clip is included below giving you more ideas on how it works.

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