Motrr Galileo, iOS-controlled robotic iPhone platform

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iOS offers a huge range of applications, such as photography, cinematography, social networking, you name it. These applications may need you to tilt and pan your iPhone frequently for better viewing. Thus, it’ll be more convenient that you’d get a robotic hand to tilt and pan your iPhone for you.

Here comes the Galileo, an iOS-controlled robotic iPhone platform that’s been created by Motrr, the designer behind Gorillapod line of innovative camera tripods. What the Galileo robotic platform does is allow your iPhone to be moved by another iOS device such as another iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

The Galileo allows you to have up to 360 degrees of pan and tilt of your iPhone at speeds up to 200 degrees per second in any orientation. Whether you’re a photographer, cinematographer, you’ll find the Galileo useful for having your iPhone to be moved by an iPad, another iPhone or iPod Touch in your hands remotely. To move the remote iPhone, all you need just some swiping fingers on the screen of the iOS device in your hands.

The Galileo will be useful for a number of applications, just to name a few here such as video chat and conferencing, baby monitoring and remote learning.

Galileo will be available in white, black, and limited edition Kickstarter Green. The product will ship in spring 2012 for $130 and is now available for preorder globally via Kickstarter at a discounted price of $85.

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