HiQ Automation iOpener – a garage door opener that works with your smartphones

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HiQ Automation iOpener is what you need if you love the idea of opening or closing your garage door using your iPhone or Android smartphone. The HiQ opener comes in the form of a small box which can be attached to your garage door in minutes. And it pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth.

The iOpener will have an accompanying mobile app for your smartphones. The app allows you to set up a 16-digit security code, ensuring nobody else can illegally enter your garage.

The iOpener is based on Bluetooth which should give less trouble than any IP-based system that requires a stable Internet connection. But the little downside with Bluetooth is it has a range limit of about 32 feet only.

The iOpener is being developed by Joshua Gramlich and Steve Szymke and the team has started raising fund at Kickstarter.com. There will also be a version called 3Opener, which allows you to operate a garage with up to 3 separate doors, great for those staying in mansions. Both iOpener and 3Opener will first roll out for the Android and followed by an iOS version later.

via technabob

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