I Can Quit mobile app helps you quit smoking by texting you with supportive messages

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Smoking is associated with lots of bad things in life and diseases, such as lung cancer, heart disease and Emphysema to name a few. If you can’t quit smoking but have been trying to, now there is a smartphone app that will probably work better than your nagging spouse to help you quit smoking.

The mobile app is called I Can Quit which has been developed by Iconosys to aim at providing assistance and tracking for person’s effort to cease habits like smoking.

The I Can Quit app simply sends you supportive texts throughout the day, motivating the quitter to continue his or her efforts toward a habit-free day. The messages are transmitted to the user though a pre-programmed interval and you can customize them according to your needs in terms of transmission frequency.

The I Can Quit app comes pre-loaded with 10 encouraging messages such as “doing a good job”, “keep up the good work” etc. Do they sound much better than your nagging spouse?

The app is an Android version for Android smartphone users, and is now available on Amazon AppStore, Android Marketplace (or Google Play), GetJar, and the AppHysteria Appstore. Find out more on Iconosys.com

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