4moms Origami – world’s first power-folding stroller doubles up as an iPhone charger

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High-tech parents need high-tech baby strollers to bring their babies around. Here comes the Origami, a product of 4moms which offers itself as the world’s first power-folding stroller. The Origami is as easy-to-use as your iPhone, which just needs a tap of a button to open and close itself for use and easy storage respectively.

The Origami is also equipped with other high-tech gears including lights to ensure your baby is always visible, pathway lights that turn on automatically under low-light conditions and built-in sensor to detect if your baby is in seat. And a host of useful tools such as thermometer, speedometer, odometer, tripometer and lifetime tripometer.

What’s more useful for high-tech parents is it’s self-charging while you walk and doubles as a cellphone charger, allowing you to charge your cellphone via an optional cable accessory. It’s also equipped with other accessories including four cup holders, handlebar bag, lots of storage, luggage-style pull wheels and more.

The Origami is now available on 4moms.com but for a hefty price tag of $850 each.

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