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iPhone 4S clone sold in Thailand, costs around $60 USD

Here is an iPhone 4S clone that was bought by a friend of mine in Thailand with a price around $60 USD only. This iPhone 4S clone has an exterior made to look almost 100 percent like a real iPhone 4S, except its OS, which does not run iOS 5. Instead, it runs an extremely laggy OS with some Java stuff on the browser.

Surprisingly, the iPhone 4S clone comes complete in a real Apple iPhone box that we’re familiar with, packed with all the required accessories including an Apple charger, iOS sync cable, SIM card removal tool and manuals.

A little difference on its exterior is what’s printed on its back – “Assembled in Taiwan” instead of Assembled in China.

Another difference is it uses regular SIM card instead of micro SIM.

A side by side comparison of real iPhone 4S an the fake iPhone 4S.

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