Square Register app turns your iPad into a POS terminal

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Square is specialized in mobile payment for your iOS devices, such as they have the Square card reader which plugs into the headphone jack of your iPhone to allow it to swipe credit cards to accept payment.

Now, Square has extended its mobile payment platform, having released the Square Register app which turns the iPad into a point of sale terminal.

The Register app is tailored towards stores, offering a highly visual interface great for day-in and day-out use by cashiers. The new app also has a better integration with Square Card Case app, along with analytics to break down sales by transaction type and chronology to track your business’ performance

You can also have access control with the Register app, creating different permissions for different employees. It’s also has built-in customer loyalty program and and an improved inventory system.

The Register app still depends on the Square card reader for swiping credit cards which charges 2.75 percent per transaction using Master, Visa, Discover or Amex. Great for small businesses, a clip is included below showing the Register app in action.

via engadget

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