Windows Phone devices will get Nokia PureView imaging technology

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Nokia has shown off its PureView technology at MWC 2012, which is a pretty interesting technology that allows a smartphone to have a 41-megapixel camera and run Symbian Belle. And Nokia has confirmed that the PureView will be headed to new Windows Phone smartphones but no indication when those WP phones will get it.

More information about the Nokia PureView imaging technology is it allows a smartphone to have the combination of a large, high resolution 41 Megapixel sensor with high quality Carl Zeiss lens optics.

The PureView is a result of many years of R&D, which basically lets your camera phone to work as a real camera, with amazing picture quality, loss-less zoom and superior performance at low-light conditions.

The first device to get the Nokia PureView technology is the Nokia 808 Smartphone, which will be a great device for taking pictures and recording videos on the go.

Since Nokia has made a number of WP7.5 Mango smartphones, the company has also decided to roll out the PureView technology to future Windows Phone devices, allowing them to have impressive camera.

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