LEGO Space Shuttle flies into space

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Lego astronaut has conquered the stratosphere, and now another Lego brick-made space shuttle follows the foot steps and has been sent into space by a weather balloon. The Lego space shuttle is just a Lego toy that comes straight from the box without any sophistication added. All it depends is the weather balloon.

It’s successfully ascended to an altitude about 22 miles above the cloud. A clip is included below showing how the Lego Space shuttle in action while it’s traveling in the stratosphere.

The Lego Space shuttle took about 2-1/2 hours to reach an altitude of about 35,000 meters. Lifted all the way up by a helium-filled balloon. The flying journey was recorded by the use of a GoPro Hero camera, which was then located by a Spot GPS tracker.

via technabob

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