Warpia announces Wireless HDMI Streaming Kit – StreamEZ

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Warpia StreamEZ is a new wireless streaming kit that allows you to wirelessly stream HD audio and video from any device that has an HDMI output (e.g. Blu-ray/DVD players, Cable/Satellite settop boxes and game consoles etc) to your HDTV. Of course, it also allows you to stream AV contents from your PC to your TV.

The Warpia StreamZ simply works in a plug and play manner – just hook it up to any device with HDMI output or PC/laptop, you’re then able to stream AV contents wirelessly to your HDTV. You can beam any PC contents such as videos, pictures, movies and presentations to your HD display or HDTV via an uncompressed HDMI signal in full 1080p resolution.

With the StreamEZ, your settop boxes or Blu-ray players will no longer need to be close to your HDTV. This provides more flexibility to arrange your devices and TV. The StreamEZ will be available for purchase starting from March 1, 2012 for a price of $220.

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