New Mercedes A-Class will be voice-controlled by Siri

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Siri, the voice assistant that’s exclusive on your iPhone 4S will be used as the voice assistant for future models of Mercedes A-Class. The new models of Mercedes A-Class will allow the driver to access various types of contents from the built-in display or a center-armrest controller for safer access.

Siri will also be integrated to allow users to control with their voice for various tasks including hearing and sending texts, selecting music tracks and more. The system works via the combination of a built-in Drive Kit Plus technology and the Digital DriveStyle app.

With the system, drivers can safely interact with Twitter, Facebook, radio stations and GPS navigation app. The in-car Siri voice assistant also allows the driver or passengers to carry out things like check weather, stocks, change appointments or get info from nearby businesses etc.

The new Mercedes A-Class models will also allow the drivers who have an iPhone to make use of the GPS app to locate their car’s location – which is handy while you’ve forgotten the spot of where your car located in a large parking lot.

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