Duracell announces super slim wireless charging card for your smartphones

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Duracell wants you to stay away from tangling wires while charging your smartphones. The company has introduced a new, super slim Wireless Charging card adapter (WiCC) which easily turns your smartphone into a wireless induction-chargeable device.

The Duracell’s wireless charging card simply slips inside your device alongside with its battery and provides it the wireless inductive charging capabilities.

Unfortunately, the Duracell’s charging card will not be compatible with all smartphones. It’ll have some problem to fit all battery connectors of some smartphones, unless the smartphone manufacturers are willing to modify the battery connectors to suit the Duracell charging adapter.

The Duracell charging card adapter includes all the PowerMat circuitry found in PowerMat charging case and it also doubles up as an NFC antenna and allows you to manage recharging of your phone’s battery while paired with a mobile app.

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