Scanner adapter helps smartphone’s camera detect harmful E. Coli bacteria

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A scanner adapter for your smartphone would be available soon in the future, which would be useful for detecting harmful E. Coli bacteria. A prototype device of a scanner adapter has been created by researchers at UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science, which can make use of the smartphone’s camera to detect harmful bugs.

The scanner adapter is able to convert the smartphone and its camera into a miniature florescent microscope, which is capable of detecting E. coli particles. The researchers have carried out experiments by having E. coli particles captured on the capillary surface successfully determined by the smartphone with its camera added with the said scanner adapter.

The cell-phone based fluorescent imaging and sensing platform are quite effective to scan out E. Coli bacteria. Hopefully a commercial and convenient adapter will soon be available for our smartphones, which will be very useful for smartphone users to easily avoid foods and places with harmful bateria while on the go.

via gizmag

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