iPhone gas stoves with Apple logo seized by China’s state police

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Apple is a super popular brand and the iPhone is definitely a name that’s been heard a lot among friends and families. Even though those who’re not into high-tech gadgets will have heard of the brand name Apple and the iPhone. So, there is a perception in everyone’s mind that whatever associated with the name Apple or iPhone is a great one – at least it’s in China.

There are even Apple iPhone-branded gas stoves planned to be sold in China by some knock-off manufacturers, trying to deceive dumb buyers. Unfortunately, these iPhone-branded gas stoves (681 of them) have been seized by the state police in Wuhan.

What’s more interesting is each gas stove has a green Apple logo and a compliance certification label, indicating produced by “Apple China Limited”! Of course, they’re not Apple products. Apple will never produce or sell such an ugly, low-quality device.

The 681 iPhone gas stoves got seized was due to lacking of flame-out prevention but wasn’t due to infringing the Apple trademark.

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