Apple might replace the 30-pin connector with a thinner connector

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There are rumors claiming that Apple might drop the 30-pin connector in their future iPhone, iPod or iPad in order to save space and make room for better features to allow the future iOS devices to be thinner or remain the same thickness.

The rumor has been published recently by iMore which claims that Apple wants to stuff more features into the future iPhone, such as to include a 4G radio, larger battery, thus they’ll need to ditch the 30-pin connector and replace it with a smaller connector.

This is bad news to iOS accessory makers, as the existing accessories with iOS dock will not fit the next-gen iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Most probably, the iPhone 5 will be the first device to come with the smaller connector aka micro dock, and it’ll likely come with a bigger battery and a 4G LTE radio as well.

via cultofmac

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