iOS 5 lock screen can be unlocked by a paperclip or needle

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There seems to be a security flaw on the iPhone running iOS 5. As the iPhone can be unlocked by using a paperclip or needle to insert into the tiny hole of the SIM card tray to pop the SIM card out. With the right timing, the iPhone’s locked screen can be unlocked allowing for the access of voicemails, recently made calls, contacts and some other data.

All you need is a paperclip or the included SIM card removal tool and also a missed call notification on the iOS 5’s lock screen. Use the paperclip to pop out the SIM card, wait for a few seconds, push the SIM card tray back in. Swipe across the missed call notification on the lock screen at the moment your iPhone just recognizes the SIM. If you manage to get the perfect timing, your iPhone will be unlocked.

A clip is included below showing how it can be done. It doesn’t seem easy to get the perfect timing, it needs many attempts. If your iPhone is left unattended, passers-by or your suspicious spouse can use this flaw to unlock your iPhone. Paranoid? You can turn off the missed call notification now until the flaw is fixed by Apple.

via ubergizmo

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