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Noiseless USB karaoke mic lets you have private karaoke session with your iPhone or iPad

If you live in cram apartments, the main worry of having your own karaoke session is complaints by neighbors. Now there is a novelty device called the Noiseless USB karaoke mic, which simply allows you to sing as loud as you can without disturbing your neighbors.

The Noiseless USB karaoke mic is compatible with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It’s a special microphone with a sound-proof urethane cup that fits around your mouth and prevents sound to escape.

Hook up the mic to your iPhone or iPad via a simple USB cable and install the Sega’s karaoke app on your iPhone or iPad. And plug in the earphones to your iPhone or iPad, then you can start your own private concert anywhere and anytime.

Worry about hygiene issues? No worry, the inner urethane is easily washable. This noiseless USB mic is now available on JapanTrendShop for $93 each while the required Sega iOS app is free for download from Apple app store.

via ohgizmo

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