WILLOW – a wood-made, three-wheeled, electric-powered Run-A-Bout

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Meet the WILLOW, a zero-emission, electric-powered Run-A-Bout which is best used in the city of Amsterdam. The Willow is made from laminated wood, allowing it to have a sturdy yet cost effective frame. It presents a unique design, featuring a front hub-less wheel basket and recycled airless tires.

The two storage baskets in the front and rear are made of native European willow using local flexible manufacturing. All parts of Willow are made from sustainable materials including wood, metal and natural fiber. Virgin plastics are avoided to keep cost low, only the wheels are made from recycled rubber.

The Willow is a little two-seater electric-powered vehicle that is best to replace traditional bikes. You can use this vehicle to zip round town quickly and easily at the same time maintaining the same parking easiness of a regular bike.

Willow will eventually come with a smartphone app for charging it and navigation. It’s currently just a design project by industrial designer Eric Strebel and has entered the Shell game changer contest at Local-Motors. If you wish to see the Willow be materialized, give it your vote here before March 4th 23:59 (GMT).

An interesting video is also included below showing some interesting work of Eric Strebel, turning a side-view sketch into a 3D sketch

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