Toothbrush tracks your brushing habits and informs you on your smartphones via Bluetooth

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Beam Brush is not your average toothbrush, it does more than just brushing your teeth – it’s able to keep track of your brushing habits and beams the information to your smartphones wirelessly via Bluetooth.

The toothbrush is able to collect information of when or how long you’ve brushed your teeth. The accompanying app will plot little graphs of your brushing history on your smartphone. Through this app, you’ll be aware of if you’re achieving or sidetracking from your goal.

You can also pair multiple Beam Brushes with the smartphone app, allowing you to compete among your family members for achieving your brushing goals.

The Beam Brush is not motorized. It’ll be available sometime next month for $50 and $3 each for replacement brush heads. More info on

via ohgizmo

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