AQUA TEK S – first ever ruggedized, solar-powered, battery-boosting and waterproof iPhone 4/4S case

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The super adventurous geeks will need a super protective case for their iPhones to cope with their intensive outdoor activities. The newly announced AQUA TEK S is definitely the most appropriate case for their iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S.

The AQUA TEK S comes in a ruggedized design which should allow it to survive all kinds of drops, knocks and bumps. It’s equipped with a solar panel which collects sun juice to boost the battery of your iPhone so you’ll have no worry of your iPhone running out of juice, while you’re outdoor for too long.

Furthermore, the AQUA TEK S case is waterproof up to 20 feet, which definitely suits you who love lake fishing, snorkeling or swimming. The outer shell of this super rugged iPhone 4/4S case is made from tough Poly-carbonate materials with rubber grips for added protection, which ensures that it can withstand drops, knocks and bumps associated with your activities. It’s a perfect iPhone case for rock climbers, river rafters and beach bums alike.

AQUA TEK has been cleverly designed without blocking your access to to the camera, volume buttons, speakers and touchscreen. It is currently a Kickstarter project and expected to retail for $130. And with a pledge of $100, you have the chance to receive one of the first AQUA TEK S cases in signal orange, black night and urban camo. A demo clip is included below.

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