Tropisounds outs Emma in Africa educational iOS app for your kids

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It’s undeniable that the iOS devices are great learning tools for your kids while combined with great apps that deliver intuitive images, sounds and music. Tropisounds, a company that’s been developing a series of app-books for the iOS, has announced its newest app known as Emma In Africa, which is a puzzle book that doubles as a great learning tool for your kids on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

The Emma In Africa app features the interactive and educational true story of Emma. If you’re new to Emma, she’s a fun and adventurous preschooler who travels the world. The app includes real pictures with fun, educational animal facts. It features 10 classic and 10 sharp puzzles, and with option to let you turn on and off of its audio.

The Emma In Africa app is available in English and Spanish. It’s got a standard version which is now available on Apple app store for $1.99 that’s compatible for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. An HD version is also available for your iPad which also costs $1.99. More info is available on Tropisounds website.

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