Scalado Remove smartphone camera app lets you remove unwanted objects from your photos

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Now there is a smartphone app that allows you to remove those unwanted objects or people in your photos. The new smartphone app is called Remove and has been revealed by photo tech firm, Scalado. You can use it to easily remove any unwanted object, annoying background people or objects in your photos.

The Scalado’s Remove is dubbed as the world’s first optical removal software for smartphones. It builds a composite shot from multiple frames captured in swift succession, filtering out possible flaws. Hence, you can use it to remove those passers-by or passing cars. It’s very easy to use, simply needs you to tap on the screen to delete any objects you don’t want in the photo.

Remove can also work in an auto mode which deletes any detected problems automatically. Or you can switch it over to manual mode to do it yourself.

The Remove app will be shown at MWC 2012 later this month but there is no indication when the app will be commercially available for your devices. A clip is included below giving you an idea on how it works.

via slashgear

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