iCelsius Pro turns your iPhone, iPad or iPod into a digital thermometer

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A little accessory and the iOS app combined will make your iOS device a sophisticated tool for measurement or analysis, costing less than conventional tools that offer the same capablities. Here comes the iCelsius Pro which hooks up to the 30-pin connector of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to turn it into a digital thermometer.

The iCelsius Pro has an accompanying iOS app which can be downloaded free from Apple app store, which allows you to have a more complete analysis of the temperature taken by the iCelsius Pro. You can read temperatures, create graphs, set up alerts, store and email graphs using the iCelsius iOS app.

The iCelsius Pro works like conventional thermometer which is based on a liquid like mercury or alcohol to measure temperature, allowing to react faster to changes. It offers reading of temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

The iCelsius Pro is now available on USBFever for $55 each. And its accompanying iOS app is self-installing and directly downloadable from the Apple App store for free.

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