ThinkGeek unveils iCADE 8-Bitty – a pocket-sized D-pad game controller for your iPad and iPhone

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Want a better gaming experience on your smartphones or tablets? iCade 8-bitty is a pocket-sized D-Pad game controller that you can always bring along and enjoy better gaming experience on your devices while on the go.

The iCade 8-bitty is the little brother of iCade, a device that first came out as an April Fool’s prank but successfully turned into the most anticipated ThinkGeek product.

The iCade 8-bitty is a wireless game controller featuring a classic D-Pad and button layout reminiscent of retro 8-bit game consoles from the 80’s and 90’s. It’s battery-powered and connects to your tablet or smartphone wirelessly. It’s got a fully-functional directional game pad and eight buttons similar to what are found on the iCade.

It supports the iCADE’s growing list of hundreds of top games including the Atari Classics collection, Pac Man, Super Mega Worm, and more. More info about the iCade 8-bitty game controller can be found on ThinkGeek website.

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