EcoSpeed iOS and Android apps make you more fuel efficient and save money

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EcoSpeed is a mobile application that will get you more fuel efficient. The app will be available in both iOS and Android versions. What it does is get you possibly the shortest route to reach your destination and gear you towards a better driving habits which are more fuel efficient.

The EcoSpeed app has been created by Clarian Labs, a Seattle, Washington technology incubator. You can use the app on your smartphone to plot a direct route via Google Maps, which is both energy efficient for gas consumption and avoiding traffic stops, even it might be slightly longer.

The app also kicks in with its guide to get you driving at optimal speed which is deemed to save up to 30 percent of fuel with its turn by turn direction. If you love those “vroom vroom” sounds, always try to press the oil pedal with full force, then it’s time to get the EcoSpeed app to guide you through a better driving habit to save your fuel bills.

Both the iOS and Android versions of the EcoSpeed will be out just in time for SXSW this March.

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