iPad 3 rumored to be announced as early as in early March

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Rumors for the iPad 3 have been surfacing with some claims of it be featuring a larger battery, a new screen and a new camera. And the latest report even indicates that Apple plans to announce the iPad 3 as early as in first week of March.

The biggest feature of the iPad 3 will be a Retina display that doubles the resolution of the iPad 2’s, offering a resolution of 2,048 x 1,536 pixels. This will make the iPad 3 the first 9.7-inch device offering such a super high resolution on the market.

Other better features of the iPad 3 will be a better camera, a larger battery and more performance. The larger battery will not provide better battery life for the iPad 3 as its higher-resolution screen will consume more battery. And the larger battery could also indicate a slightly thicker iPad 3 than the iPad 2.

There are also speculations about LTE support in the iPad 3. Anyway, if all these claims were true, then it’ll just be a few weeks from now, we’ll know the exact answers about the iPad 3.

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