World’s first 3D-printed jawbone fitted to an 83-year-old woman

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Technology has evolved allowing any body parts to be printed by 3D printers. If some of your body parts have worn out or been infected by some diseases, you could just get them replaced by 3D-printed body parts. An 83-year-old woman is the first who has got her lower jawbone transplanted with a 3D-printed jawbone manufactured by LayerWise.

The transplant was carried out in Netherlands last june and has only been announced now. The implant was printed out of titanium powder using laser, layer by layer till a complete jaw was formed. And it was constructed with many thousand layers of titanium powder as a 1mm of thickness requires 33 layers.

The implant is a sophisticated part which comes complete with articulated joints and cavities that provoke muscle attachment along with grooves to direct the regrowth of nerves and veins.

Her new jawbone now weighs 107 grams which is over a third heavier than before, but the doctor said that it shouldn’t be a problem for her to get used to it.

via technabob

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