G-Form case let the iPhone survive an 82 mph Slapshot

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G-Form are always known for their super strong protective cases for your iOS devices. The most recent demonstration on how good their iPad case is was bringing the iPad to a 100,000 foot free-fall from the stratosphere. And the iPad remained intact after the huge impact.

The latest protective cases from G-Form are now meant for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, which come in the forms of X-Protect and Extreme Grid. Similarly, a brutal punishment has been done in their demonstration, using the G-Form protected iPhone as a puck in a hockey rink, where it takes on the dramatic forces of a full out slapshot. A clip is included below showing you how the iPhone survives the great-impact shot.

The new G-Form iPhone cases are similar to other G-Form cases, which are fully designed and manufactured in the US and protected by the RPT material – a revolutionary composite, blending Poron XRD material with other proprietary G-Form materials and technology.

The X-Protect and Extreme Grid cases are now available in both black and yellow designs. They can be pre-ordered on G-Form.com for $40 each and will ship to your doors by end of February.

Below is a video showing the G-Form-protected iPad got a free-fall test, which we missed out to include here before.

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