Samsung ES8000 smart TV released in South Korea

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Samsung have released their smart TV, Samsung ES8000 in their home country, S. Korea. The Samsung smart TV, ES8000 was awarded Innovation Award at CES 2012 last month and now it’s been made available in South Korea.

The ES8000 smart TV is said to be able to identify and understand the users. This most probably means that it’s able to deliver personalized channels to the users. And it’s said to be able to evolve, keeping up with latest technology. This could also mean the smart TV is capable of updating its own firmwares, allowing it to deliver new features to you over time.

The Samsung ES8000 smart TV boasts a quality display and powerful hardware. It can recognize voice and gesture which are part of its “Smart Interaction” feature, making your TV watching experience easier.

via ubergizmo

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