Vertu announces Ferrari 458 Italia-inspired smartphone – Constellation Quest Ferrari

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Fans of luxury phones and the sports car Ferrari will love this – a new smartphone that’s been announced by the luxury phone maker, Vertu. The new handset is called the Constellation Quest Ferrari and deemed to have its designed inspired by the Ferrari 458-Italia.

Vertu has also released a few Ferrari-inspired cellphones before including the Ascent Ferrari GT and the Ascent Ferrari 60. The new Constellation Quest Ferrari smartphone offers an authentic feel and has a a titanium battery cover on which has the popular symbol of Cavallino Rempante in stainless steel. The Ferrari logo is also found on the front of the handset.

The handset also has the Ferrari Calf leather integrated into its design. It’s been crafted in the original workshop where the interior parts of the sports car Ferrari GT are made. The phone is also encased in a special leather slip covering which protects the phone as well as echoes the design of the iconic sports car.

The handset also carries an analog clock that is inspired by Rev Counter. It’s also able to receive a stream of updates from Ferrari, which is great for Ferrari fans where you’ll get updates of their info of their events and other announcements.

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