Lensbaby announces Macro Converters for Lensbaby shooters to have limitless close-focus options

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Lensbaby has added the Macro Converters to its line, which allow Lensbaby photographers to easily create close-up, dreamy and artistic photos while blurring out distracting elements.

The new Macro Converters are dubbed as providing more macro options than the existing Lensbaby Macro Kit and working with every lens body and optic that Lensbaby makes.

You can get great close-up range out of these Macro Converters when mixed and matched with the existing Macro Kit, giving you more options for creative Lensbaby macro photography.

The Macro Converters will come as a set containing an 8mm converter and a 16mm converter, which are stackable together to form a 24mm converter. You can also use the Macro Converters in conjunction with the existing Macro Kit (which features a +4 and +10 macro filter) with Double Glass, Single Glass, Plastic and Soft Focus Optics for an even closer capture.

The Macro Converters are available now on Lensbaby store for $50 each.

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