Possession Book iOS charging dock to fill your empty bookshelf

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Having a pretty empty bookshelf? Here comes the Possession Book iOS charging dock that should go on your bookshelf. The Possession Book iOS charging dock by A.S. Byatt of 2000 should help you present you’re a more academic person than of a geek.

While you just take a first glance, you’d have thought the above photo showed you an iPhone nicely balancing on a book. But in fact, it;s a charging dock for your iPhone or iPod Touch. According to the designer, A.S. Byatt, the charging dock is meant for giving you the illusion that it’s book instead of charger to avoid you dropping the cord. And the charging cord is well secured into the book.

It’s been designed to suit all iPods and iPhones and accomodate to sync and charge functions via the USB cable. Etsy has a collection of the Possession Book charging docks which each comes in different book cover.

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