World’s first Lego astronaut successfully sent into space

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For the huge fans of Lego, your heroic Lego man has successfully explored in space for the first time, thanks to the great work of two Canadian teenagers. The two teenagers have spent only $400 and managed to send the little Lego man in space – at a height of 85,000 feet.

The “spaceship” of the Lego man is simply a weather ballon that costs $85, along with other gears including a Styrofoam box with some gel hand warmers, point and shoot cameras and a CPS cellphone. And the helium gas that’s required to fill up the ballon costs $165. All these make up a total cost of $400 only.

The GPS cellphone was used to help them locate their craft after it’d returned to earth, about 75 miles from where it started out. The Lego Man even managed to capture a video of it traveling in space which is included below.

via geeky-gadgets

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