TokyoFlash Sudoku watch needs you to solve the puzzles to tell time

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The latest concept from TokyoFlash – a Sudoku watch is apparently giving you more hard time to tell the time. It requires you to solve the Sudoku puzzle to tell time. On the watch face is a traditional Sudoku 9×9 grid, what’s missing are the numbers that indicate the time, thus you’re required to solve the puzzle to know the time.

The Sudoku watch will come in useful while you’re stuck in a train in a long journey, so you can then solve a couple of the Sudoku puzzles right on your watch, to know how fast time is ticking away.

The Sudoku watch will also include date and alarm but there is no indication if you also need to face challenges for reading the date or setting the alarm. Anyway, if you love challenges in your daily life, the Sudoku watch is definitely just what you need. But you’ll be at risk of missing your appointments.

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