Bondi, a useful Hang-it-on holder for your iPhone, smartphones and more

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Bondi is a super handy and flexible Hang-it-on holder for your iPhone, smartphones and it can be very helpful in your life as well other than holding your phones. While it’s used as a cellphone holder, you can have many creative ways of using it for your precious iPhone and other cellphones.

Such as while you’re carrying out a gym session, you can have Bondi to hold your precious iPhone and hang it just on your chest. Bondi is a great holder for your precious phone with its two little hands holding the phone firmly and two little feet supporting the bottom of your phone.

Bondi will also come in handy as a door stopper, cloth hanger, toothpaste holder and you name it for your daily life. Bondi costs only $20 and can be purchased from iBondi also has many creative ways telling you how to make Bondi useful for your daily life. Clips are also included below showing how it can be interesting for your life.

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