Apple to launch Siri-powered OLED TV in Q2?

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Apple is said to be prepping their OLED TV to launch sometime in April or latest by May 2012. The Apple OLED TV will come in a gorgeous and very thin body. The Apple OLED TV will employ OLED panels of various sizes up to 42 inches. If this is true, Apple will be ahead of Samsung and LG launching the largest OLED TV.

The Apple OLED TV will also offer you voice control based on the popular Apple Siri on the iPhone 4S but it’ll have more functionalities than the Siri on the iPhone 4S.

The Apple OLED TV will also support facial recognition and allow you to use your iOS devices as the remote control while you’re tired of using your voice to control it. Some more, the Apple TV could be more sophisticated, such as allowing it to be connected to other home appliances (e.g. ovens and garage doors) and able to control them as well.

Currently, there is no indication for the price of the Apple OLED TV. It’ll probably cost more than $2,000.

source: TechnoBuffalo.

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