Apple patent physically feel-able virtual touchscreen keyboard

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The little downside of a touchscreen keyboard is you can’t feel it physically. That’s why some users may prefer older models of BlackBerry devices that have physical keyboards which they can feel physically and type faster. Anyway, Apple have their way to build a better virtual touchscreen keyboard that allows you to feel its keys physically.

Apple are said to have applied for a patent that details a system uses coded magnets and ferrofluids to allow virtual touchscreen keyboard to be physically feel-able. The system may consist of a coded magnet that could be activated when a proximity sensor detects your fingers approaching the touchpad that’s capable of detecting touches.

Within certain closeness, the proximity sensor’s output will kick start the coded magnet under the portion of the surface that’s about to be touched. The coded magnet will then draw ferrofluid to it to make the upper surface rise, thus allowing you to feel as if the key you’ve just touched is moving up and down.

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