Suunto unveils Ambit GPS-tracking and heart-rate monitoring watch

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Suunto has unveiled its Ambit watch which offers GPS tracking and heart rate monitoring while it’s strapped on your wrist during your sports or most adventurous activities.

The Suunto Ambit watch has a built-in accelerometer that pairs with the GPS functionality to track your performance using speed and distance. It also has barometric altimeter that provides you data of your climbing speed.

This Ambit watch can also pair with the optional Ambit heart rate belt to double as an heart rate monitor. There are also Peak Training Effect and Recovery Time functions which respectively keep you within your optimal training and let you know when you’ve fully recovered from one workout and fit to move on.

The Suunto Ambit watch will hit the market sometime in March 2012 for a price of $550 or $600 with the heart rate belt. It’ll be available with silver and black dials.

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