Ballistic Tough Jacket case offers supreme protection for your iPad 2

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Ballistic has announced their Tough Jacket case which provides unique and rugged carrying solutions for your iPad 2. The Ballistic Tough Jacket is engineered with high-quality materials which provide three layers of protection.

The three layers are the inner silicone layer to absorb shock, the impact resistant hard plastic to protect the iPad 2 and a shock absorbent polymer which offers added protection for the iPad 2.

The Tough Jacket also comes with a removable cover which allows you to protect the screen of your iPad 2 on the go or use it a kickstand for better viewing angle while you’re in situ.

The Ballistic Tough Jacket is also equipped with the patent pending Ballistic corners, keeping all sides of your iPad 2 safe, guaranteeing it’s protected from almost any type of drop.

The Touch Jacket is available in black and red, you can now grab it from for $70 each.

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