Scosche announces cellCONTROL – a safe driving system for cell phones

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Scosche wants you to drive safely and stop using your mobile phone or those tempting mobile apps while you’re driving. The company has announced the availability of its new safe driving system for cellphones – cellCONTROL. The device will disable the use of unsafe cellphone applications while driving.

The device uses Bluetooth signaling to prevent you from texting, emailing, making calls and more while driving. It activates automatically while your vehicle is moving, to disable all the said apps, thus you can have your hands and eyes always on the wheels.

The user will first need to setup the mobile phone that requires the cellCONTROL system to kick in while the vehicle is in motion. The phone needs to be first registered on, then download the cellControl app to your phone and install the trigger unit into the vehicle’s standard OBD-II interface.

Email, texting, Internet, camera and other apps will be blocked while your car is in motion. Making calls will also be blocked unless a handsfree headset is detected by your mobile phone.

The cellCONTROL is compatible with 1,200 cellphones and you can purchase it from for $130. If you can’t refarin from using mobile applications while driving, the cellCONTROL will definitely be what you need to prolong your life!

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